• Complete Uniform.    • Rucksack/Kit Bag(s).    • Roll mat      • Sleeping Bag     • Pyjamas   
 • Waterproof Outer Garment   • Warm Sweater   • T-shirt or Similar    • Shorts/Trousers   
• Underclothes  •.Socks   • Hike Boots/Strong   • Training Shoes                                                                               
• Large Plate     • Cereal Bowl    • Cutlery     • Mug       • Tea Towel(s) See Note                                                
• Personal Wash Kit   • Towel(s)   • Swimming Trunks - if swimming is planned   
• Personal First Aid Kit  • Torch and Batteries (with spare bulbs)   • Hankies    
• Polythene Bags to Separate Clean/Dirty Items    
• Small Game(s)/Book(s)/Cuddly Friend  
General Notes
1. We would ask that your child travel to and from the Camp/Holiday in uniform.
2. Black bin bags are not suitable for bedding rolls as they tear very easily, with the result that the contents get lost or soiled in transit.
3. Please place wash proof name labels in all clothing, which should have your Sons Name and Group.
4. Please label with either indelible ink and/or engraving as appropriate, with your Sons Name and Group. (The old favourites of paper labels held on with sellotape, or nail varnish dots are not suitable. The paper labels wash off after the second or third meal, and it's amazing how many mums use the same shade of nail varnish).
5. No games or similar items (i.e. radio’s or ipods , PSP etc) which require batteries to run please.

Equipment Notes
Here is some basic information regarding some of the items you may require.
Sleeping Bags Synthetic filled bags are easier to clean than natural filling. Zips can be a source of cold if no baffle is fitted.
Footwear Boots give a better ankle support and normally have better soles than shoes if you are hiking.
Warm Wear A number of layers is warmer than one thick one and the warmth can be regulated more easily - do not forget your hands and head.
Torch Do not pack your torch with batteries fitted (or at the bottom of your kit) as it could easily get accidentally turned on and you will arrive at the camp/holiday with flat batteries.

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