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Beaver Scouts are 6 and 7 year old boys and girls who like having fun and making friends.

Beaver Scouts usually meet once a week in a 'Colony' which is run by a trained adult Beaver Scout Leader and Assistant Beaver Scout Leader or helpers.

Beaver Scout activities are a combination of learning and having fun, whether by simple crafts, visits to fun parks or the zoo or learning about important issues such as road safety.

Beaver Scouting is also about caring and sharing. They often help their local community in various ways.

After a few weeks of going to Colony meetings, a new Beaver Scout will make their First Promise, thereby joining the Beaver Scout Section.

We have a very large Beaver Section and we strongly recommend your add
your child to our waiting list at an early age

Use the contact us section to send full details of yourself and your child to be placed on the waiting list. Please include a date of birth to enable us to calculate the best starting date.


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